Photo Shoot At Dawn

AND HERE WE ARE! Very early one morning the other week the cast and crew of Goblin Market set out to Childwall Woods with Andrew Abrahamson to shoot our long awaited photo shoot at dawn. While you’ll have to wait a little longer for AB’s fantastic photos, here are some behind the  scenes snaps to keep you going.

Week 2 costume developments

Week 2 of rehearsals has seen a lot of exciting developments in costume department. Firstly with a trip to LIPA on Wednesday, to see how our Goblin costumes were progressing.


We also had a fitting for the Laura, Lizzie and Jeanie’s costumes.

Week 1 of Rehearsals

First week of rehearsals over and it has been such an exciting week. It was lovely having everyone together (almost) for the first time and seeing the play come to life. We did a lot of character exercises, exploring individuals’ roles in the play and looking into Jeanie’s backstory.

We also discussed what each of the actors thought about the play’s main ideas at this point in the rehearsal process, and portrayed them as tableaux:

We were also very lucky to have a costume fitting for our Goblins with the wonderful Mr Wolf Collective on friday (photos to follow). Looking forward to Week 2!

Harp recording with Dr Sarah Peverley

A couple of weeks ago we were lucky enough to access the University of Liverpool Music Department’s recording studio and record some of our original play score, with Dr Sarah Peverley on the Harp. With our composer Alex Cottrell at the helm, a few members of the cast and crew spent a lovely afternoon in the studio, thank you very much Sarah for your beautiful playing and also thanks to the Music Department. Looking forward to more sessions with Alex playing the Balalaika.

At The Kazimier

We’re happy to announce that The Kazimier Garden date has been confirmed.

For those of you in Liverpool who won’t be able to join us in Edinburgh, keep the evening of Tuesday 30th July free. We will be performing in The Kazimier Gardens for this one night so that anyone who can’t make the Fringe Festival doesn’t have to miss out.

We’ll post more information about time and tickets as soon as we can! Until then, Click Here for The Kazimier’s website.

Christina Rossetti’s Goblin Market

An all-new adaption of Christina Rossetti’s Goblin Market told through expressive movement and original poetry. A dark twist on the classic fairy tale genre performed by the award-winning Liverpool University Drama Society.

Performing 12-17th August, 16.20, the Space at Surgeons Hall, Edinburgh Fringe Festival

To book tickets Click Here